The city's "industrial city, industrial city" project construction promotion meeting, municipal leaders visited Shandong duoku sanitary
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On the afternoon of November 18, Chen Yongsheng, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Ma Hongwei, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, led the leaders attending the on-site promotion meeting of the project construction of "strengthening the city with industry and prospering the city with industry" to visit Shandong duoku sanitary products Technology Co., Ltd. to observe and guide the work. More than 110 municipal leaders, including Liu Hongpeng, Zhu Yanchen, Gao Xin, Liu Qingdong, Xue Dengfeng, Li Yi, Wang Tao, Kang Fengxia and fan Meng, as well as other members of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, the municipal government and the Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, participated in the observation.

Accompanied by Mr. Zhang Linggang, chairman of Shandong duoku company, he made a detailed report to the municipal leaders on the overall progress of the project, engineering construction, scientific research achievements, etc.

Secretary Chen Yongsheng and his party visited the site of Shandong duoku company, visited the 300000 level pharmaceutical industry clean workshop, understood the production line layout and product planning in detail, and conducted on-site communication on project construction, production and operation.

Secretary Chen highly praised the corporate culture of Shandong duoku company and operated a bright future with love!

It also puts forward two requirements for the future development of Shandong duoku company: Shandong duoku company has made remarkable investment in intelligent manufacturing, and the construction of visual production line makes people's eyes bright. It should maintain its strength to ensure sustainable development; Shandong duoku company has also done very well in ground source heat pump, photovoltaic power generation, solar energy conservation and environmental protection. It should adhere to the principle of prominent main business and diversified development, and at the same time make efforts in economic and social benefits.

Finally, Zhang Linggang, chairman of Shandong duoku company, said that the enterprise will attach equal importance to responsibility and feelings, carry the mission with the original heart, take the responsibility with feelings, and manage the future of the enterprise with the initial love.

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